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Cool Hurricane Facts

Hurricanes are devastating storms with unimaginable ferocity. Their destructive force must be respected as one hurricane alone has the energy equivalent of 10 atomic bombs every second! There is so much to know about hurricanes! From their name’s roots to how they shape weather patterns, this comprehensive list of facts about hurricanes will surprise and […]

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Fun Fact About China

China is one of the oldest civilizations with a long and rich history, known for many inventions including soccer (football), kites and ice cream. China boasts numerous “ghost cities”, and when combined, its railway lines could go around the globe twice! Furthermore, they even employ trained pigeons as messengers! The Great Wall One of the

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Spacecraft in Orbit

As in throwing something, satellites are launched by rocket to enter their orbit around Earth, like any object being launched from the ground. But unlike its trajectory when being released directly, their paths follow curves rather than straight paths. Satellites in high orbit offer scientists stunning pictures of our planet and solar system. At the

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How Fast Can a Spacecraft Get to Mercury?

Mercury orbits quickly around the Sun and scientists seeking to understand its mysteries have quickly identified a spacecraft capable of reaching it within sufficient timeframe. Slowing a spacecraft with flybys may be straightforward, but getting it to Mercury’s speed requires more complicated methods. Here’s how scientists plan to achieve their goal. Mariner 10 Chen-Wan Yen

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Fun Fact About Brazil

Brazil occupies half of South America and boasts both natural marvels and vibrant cultures, from its Amazon rainforests to iconic beaches like Copacabana. Brazil truly is a land of abundance! Brasilia, Brazil’s capital city was constructed during the 1950s to promote development of its interior. One interesting fact about Brazil is that Queimada Grande island

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