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The Life Span of a Starfish

Starfish don’t possess brains or blood, but they do possess eyes which allow them to observe their surroundings. Furthermore, starfish have the ability to regenerate their arms should an unwelcome guest appear unannouncedly. Once fertilized eggs hatch into bipinnaria larva, the animal moves to the ocean floor where it undergoes metamorphosis into an adult form

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Fun Facts About Germany

Germany, known for its delicious sauerkraut, Volkswagens and iconic band Rammstein is home to much to offer visitors or students visiting or studying here – from language learning to history study or sport – there’s always something new and exciting happening here! Germans consume approximately 104 litres of beer annually, boasting over 7,000 different kinds.

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The Apollo 11 Mission Was More Than Just A Mission To The Moon

Computer control of spacecraft systems assisted Armstrong during descent. At certain altitudes, an abort was no longer an option and an abort procedure could only be carried out with clearance from NASA. On 20 July, Armstrong detached Eagle from Collins and began its powered descent towards the lunar surface, eventually conducting his inaugural two and

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Can Mercury Cause Autism?

Thimerosal was used as a mercury-containing preservative in some vaccines until there were concerns that these vaccines may cause autism, prompting its removal from most children’s vaccinations by 2001. This study explored the relationship between copper, lead and mercury concentration in hair and nail samples from children with autism and controls. Results demonstrated no correlations.

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Spacecraft Concept Art

During the space race artists collaborated closely with scientists and engineers to produce concept art. These artists imagined and designed spacecraft according to theoretical considerations and engineering expertise. Norman Rockwell immortalized Neil Armstrong’s journey to the Moon long before its actual exploration began, while other artists imagined plans for massive space colonies far into the

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