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How the Moon Phases and Tides Affect the Oceans

One of the main things we know about the moon is that it changes phases throughout a month. This changes the way the moon looks in […]

What is This Bright Star Near the Moon Tonight?

What is This Bright Star Near the Moon Tonight? If you look up tonight, you may notice a very bright star close to the moon. But […]

Moon Phases For November 2021

There are several moon phases in November 2021, including a new moon and a full moon. These are all viewed from Earth and are known as […]

What Moon Are We in Right Now Zodiac?

A lunar cycle is a time of new beginnings, increased energy, apprehension and excitement for what’s ahead. Whether you’re starting a new project, a new relationship […]

What is the Moon Phase Now?

The Moon is a celestial body that orbits Earth. Each month, the Moon goes through a series of phases in its journey around the planet. These […]

Those Born Under the Moon Waning Gibbous Phase Are Intellectually Sophisticated and Communicative

If you’ve ever seen the moon late at night or in the morning, you’ve probably noticed it in its waning gibbous phase. It looks just like […]

How Do the Moon Phases Work?

Every month the moon goes through a cycle of phases that change our view of it from Earth. The moon phases depend on where the moon […]

How is the Moon Phase Today?

The moon changes shape in the sky as it orbits Earth. The varying fractions of its lighted face are called moon phases. There are four primary […]

What Is the Moon Phase Today?

As with any astrology chart, the answer to the question, “what is the moon phase today?” isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. In astronomy, the Moon’s […]
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