The Spacecraft Galileo

Galileo, named after Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei, taught us much about Jupiter and its moons. Launching into space with a Titan IV rocket, its speed increased when passing Venus and Earth; eventually reaching Jupiter in 1995. Galileo made numerous remarkable discoveries during its two years orbiting Jupiter, including lava flows on Io and evidence for […]

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What Eats a Starfish?

There are a lot of creatures who feed on starfish! Unfortunately, some are extremely unpleasant; for instance, the harlequin shrimp is an aquatic crustacean which feeds on various sea life, including starfish! This animal captures its prey by expanding its stomach around it and then swallowing it whole. They may drop an arm when feeling

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5 Facts About Tigers

Tigers are among the world’s most feared animals, known for their speed and the ability to kill prey with their sharp claws. These magnificent animals can hunt at night and patrol their territory to defend it, offering many amazing facts you might not already be aware of. 1. They are the largest cat in the

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Interesting Turtle Facts

Turtles are fascinating creatures that have long populated Earth. With their slow and peaceful lifestyles, turtles make for beautiful sights to behold; yet life for these iconic reptiles does not go without its challenges. Read on to discover some of the most fascinating turtle facts! Whether or not green turtles or leatherbacks are your preferred

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Fun Facts About China

China is an ancient nation with a fascinating past and fascinating traditions. Once considered closed off from international affairs, today it stands among one of the world’s most powerful nations. China is home to some truly incredible cuisine, stunning landscapes and unique cultures; here are some amazing facts about it that you may not know:

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