What Is the Moon Phase on My Birthday?

You might feel like you are in a strange but comforting kinship with the moon. Perhaps you see it as a calming force in the universe, […]

What Knowledge Is and How It Works

Knowledge, learning, erudition, scholarship mean what is known by an individual or by humankind. They also refer to facts or ideas acquired through study, investigation, observation, […]

The Names For the Moon Phases

The moon goes through a series of different phases that change the way it looks in the sky. These changes are caused by the angles of […]

What is Mars?

Mars is a planet with a thin atmosphere, made up of carbon dioxide and nitrogen. It also has a large polar ice cap. If the ice […]

Space Questions – What is the Solar System?

The Solar System is a collection of planets, moons, comets and asteroids all traveling around a central star, the Sun. Our sun is 4.6 billion years […]

The Moon Phases For October 2021

The astronomical celestial body that orbits Earth is called the Moon. It cycles through four major phases, including a new moon and full moon. This month’s […]

What is the Moon Phase in the Lunar Orbit?

The moon cycles through a series of phases as it orbits Earth. These phases change our view of the illuminated portion of the moon based on […]

The Moon Phase Yesterday

The Moon has a complex cycle of phases. Each cycle takes 29.5 days to complete, according to the Lunar and Planetary Institute. The first phase is […]

Dream of Seeing Planets in the Sky

When you dream of seeing planets in the sky, it suggests that you are feeling a sense of balance and control over all aspects of your […]
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