Apollo 11 Quiz – Test Your Knowledge of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins!

Since humans first set foot on another celestial body in 1969, we still marvel at their accomplishment. Put your knowledge of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins through this quiz! Armstrong refers to this action as “rolling over,” which is actually an instruction to rotate and align the Eagle with the Moon’s surface. What […]

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Is Saturn Losing Its Rings?

Many aspects of Saturn’s rings captivate human imagination like few others can, yet astronomers are discovering that their lifespan may be shorter than previously anticipated. Research published earlier this month in Science Advances and Icarus journals suggests that Saturn’s rings are relatively young compared to their cosmic peers; likely having existed for no more than

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Types of Spacecraft Thrusters

Spaceship thrusters are essential engines that propel spaceships forward at tremendous speeds, changing their course or making minor corrections to its trajectory. Thrust is determined by specific impulse, while propellant mass plays an inverse relationship to this equation. Performance specifications of propulsion systems depend on specific impulse, exhaust velocity and power-to-mass ratio as primary measurements

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Interesting Fact About the Great Wall of China

One of the most striking characteristics of China’s Great Wall is that it doesn’t consist of one continuous wall; rather, it consists of several interconnecting walls and trenches across northern Chinese territory. Builders employed conventional building materials like earth and stone, but also employed an unexpected ingredient: sticky rice! This glutinous grain was an integral

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Fire Ant Facts

Fire ants derive their moniker from two factors: Their red coloring and painful sting. As invasive organisms, fire ants have the ability to invade homes quickly, chewing through electrical wires and disrupting HVAC systems – giving rise to their popular name of “fire ant”. Fire ants resemble household and garden species in appearance but differ

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Why is the Sky Blue?

As sunlight penetrates Earth’s atmosphere, its light is scattered by gases and particles and becomes visible as blue hues are more dominant than others. Though its plot may be predictable and its characters recognizable, The Sky Blues succeeds in providing an inclusive queer narrative with clear beats and authentic teenage characters – it should definitely

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