How to Name a Star in the Sky

Star names are a fun and personal way to celebrate special occasions. They can be given to family members, friends, or loved ones for their birthdays, […]

How Long Are the Moon Phases?

There are eight different phases the Moon goes through during its orbit around Earth, and an observer on Earth can see a different fraction of the […]

Weather Satellites and Spain

Weather satellites, as their name implies, monitor the weather and climate of the planet. They also see changes in the Earth’s vegetation, sea state, ocean color, […]

The Names For the Moon Phases

The moon goes through a series of different phases that change the way it looks in the sky. These changes are caused by the angles of […]

Solar Panels on the International Space Station

The International Space Station needs a lot of power to keep running. It requires the equivalent of powering 40 houses on Earth, which is why astronauts […]

What Are the Moon Phases This Month?

The Moon goes through a series of appearance phases as it orbits our Earth. These appearance changes occur because of the way the Moon’s hemisphere is […]

Satellite Weather Apps

The best satellite weather apps give you more than just local forecasts – they also offer radar images, severe weather alerts and more. Whether you’re planning […]

How the Solar System Moves Through Space

Every scrap of matter in our solar system originated as part of a giant interstellar cloud. As it grew hot and dense, gravity began to pull […]

When is the Quarter Moon?

The quarter moon is a special astronomical phase of the Moon where the left half of its face appears illuminated from Earth. This phase is called […]
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