Funny Facts About China

China boasts a rich history and large population. Not only is China home to one of the world’s highest population densities; its culture boasts unique and strange facts that will leave visitors scratching their heads! Fortune cookies were not invented in China; rather they first surfaced at a San Francisco noodle factory in 1920. Fortune

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3 Facts About Egypt

Egypt is an incredible land filled with rich history. It is truly one of the world’s most intriguing nations. Egypt boasts three coastal waters: The Nile, Mediterranean and Red Seas. Ancient Egyptians believed in numerous gods, and if any were offended it could cause serious mischief. 1. It is the oldest country in the world

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Facts About China

China is an intriguing nation, boasting an extremely vibrant culture. Food, fashion, language, religion and traditions all play a key role in Chinese society – along with Confucianism’s emphasis on respecting rulers, elders and family as core values. There are 56 ethnic groups, each with unique cultural customs. For instance, most people in China identify

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Ancient Greece Fun Facts

Here we have collected some of the most fun ancient Greece facts to make your next Greek class even more engaging! Ancient Greece had over one hundred city-states. Roman culture borrowed heavily from theirs – including language, religion, architecture and even food! Citizens could vote to exile politicians from the city for 10 years in

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Interesting Roman Facts

Studies of ancient societies often unearth intriguing details that will leave one surprised, and Rome is no exception. Rome offers many fascinating aspects, while some are simply bizarre. These fun roman facts will bring out your inner comedy! Gladiators Gladiatorial shows were an immensely popular phenomenon in ancient Rome. At Etruscan funerals, their purpose was

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