Spacecraft Systems Engineer

Spacecraft construction entails many moving parts, all developed by different teams. System engineers take an overall view, assessing how all these different systems connect. Attracting candidates who possess US Citizenship and Public Trust Clearance for this sedentary position involving frequent use of computer keyboard and mouse. Requirements Analysis Systems engineering gives life to space missions […]

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A New Mission to Mars Will Help Scientists Learn More About the Red Planet

Mars has long been of interest to scientists and astronomers. As one of our nearest neighbors, this planet holds many mysteries to reveal. Mars is an extremely cold planet located much further from the sun than Earth. Mars, known for its fiery hue, stands as a powerful and brave symbol. Astronomy Mars, located fourth from

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The Gumdrop-Shaped Orion Spacecraft and Service Module

NASA has conducted rigorous tests of Orion spacecraft and service module in preparation for future missions to Mars or even further into space, such as uncrewed flight called Artemis I. Before reentering Earth’s atmosphere, Orion crew module separates from its service module using Aerojet Rocketdyne’s LAS jettison motor for rapid separation from launch vehicle for

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Why Do Ants Have Wings?

At home, some homeowners have reported seeing winged ants during rainy seasons. These winged ants, known as alates or swarmers, can be identified by their elbowed antennae and thin waists with constrictions at their thorax region. Queen ants participate in nuptial flights to mate and establish new colonies, after which the queen loses her wings

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Fun Fact About Japan

Japan is an Asian nation famed for its combination of ancient culture and cutting-edge technologies, making it an extremely desirable travel destination. Before traveling there yourself, familiarize yourself with these fascinating facts about Japan! Discover Japan with our top 25 Japan facts! Japan is full of fascinating quirks ranging from overcrowded trains to ritual suicide

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Spacecraft Components

Spacecraft must be lightweight yet robust enough to navigate both through atmospheric layers and space without losing speed or efficiency. Their components must also withstand both very high and very low temperatures while fuel tanks must contain liquids with extreme pressures such as cryogenic liquids. Aluminum and titanium are two of the primary metals utilized

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