The Computer Power That Made the Apollo Mission Possible

No doubt modern smartphones are far more powerful than the computers used on Apollo missions, yet such comparisons underplay the amazing technology employed by NASA during these missions to get us there. MIT-designed Apollo Guidance Computer was crashproof, operating according to a hierarchical system which allocated energy based on program importance; this allowed energy distribution

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Apollo 11 Quizlet

Apollo 11 was an historic United States spaceflight which successfully sent humans to land on the moon. This mission marked an achievement in their national mission of outpacing Soviet Russia in space exploration. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin made history when they transitioned from their command module Columbia into Eagle, then fired its engine for

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Fun Facts About Germany

Germany is an attractive choice for postgraduate students, as this fascinating country hosts some unique characteristics you might be surprised to learn of! There may also be surprises you didn’t anticipate here! Reutlingen boasts the world’s narrowest street. Additionally, Germans are famous for spending more money than anyone else on travel! It’s the birthplace of

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Fun Facts About Australia

Australia is an amazing country, boasting beautiful beaches, summer vibes and an exceptional standard of living – not to mention some of the cutest and deadliest animals imaginable! But did you know it also has some of these species as residents? Are you familiar with Australia and its quirky history? Perhaps its iconic Vegemite spread

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