Fact About North America

North America attracts tourists from around the globe. Home to famed theme parks and natural wonders, its wide variety of musical genres and diverse culture make North America an eye-catching travel destination. At third in terms of population, Africa is also the third-most populous continent, boasting diverse terrain from glacial tundra and scorched deserts to […]

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Fun Fact About Zebras

Zebras are beloved animals with beautiful stripes that have inspired people to refer to pedestrian crossings as “zebra crossings.” Additionally, these incredible animals can sleep standing up while boasting panoramic vision. Zebras use an array of sounds and facial expressions to communicate with other zebras, including whinnying, barking and soft snorts. When they feel unsatisfied

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Fun Fact About Canada

Canada is the second-largest nation on earth, covering an area of 9.985 million square kilometers and boasting the world’s longest coastline. Canada was originally known as the Dominion of Canada until 1950s, when its political power increased and it changed to simply Canada. “Eh” has long been part of Canadian lingo. Canada is the second-largest

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Fact About China

China is one of the world’s most fascinating nations with an ancient past and diverse culture, boasting some of the oldest traditions on Earth and experiencing rapid development at an astounding rate. China is home to fascinating facts like: paper was first invented there; half of all world pigs live there and its railway lines

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Fun Fact About Rivers

Rivers serve as nature’s highways, transporting water from mountains to ocean. Not only that but rivers also play host to an abundance of aquatic wildlife! The Congo River in central Africa is the world’s deepest river, reaching depths exceeding 220m! That would cover London’s iconic clock tower Big Ben 2.5 times over! The Ganges River

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