Spacecraft to Jupiter

Most spacecraft traveling to Jupiter travel on long looping routes through the solar system, passing close by multiple planets (and sometimes moons) to gain momentum and build speed – this process is known as gravity assist. NASA’s Galileo probe used this approach to explore Jupiter, uncover its magnetic field and radiation belt structures, hint at […]

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Interesting Facts About the Roman Empire

Roman Empire was an immensely powerful and formidable entity. Their highly trained army became well known across three continents. Ancient Roman society was quite complex. Citizens, non-citizens and slaves all played roles within Roman society; while citizens occupying top ranks were highly esteemed individuals while non-citizens and slaves enjoyed less rights than their fellow Romans.

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The Life Cycle of the Plants

Plants follow similar stages to humans: beginning as seeds and maturing into adults. Each seed encases a miniature plant inside. To germinate successfully, this miniaturised ecosystem requires water, warmth and oxygen for proper growth; once germinated it develops into a seedling before eventually becoming an adult plant. Seeds At the core of any plant’s lifecycle

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Apollo, a German Shepherd, Was a 9/11 Search-and-Rescue Dog

Apollo and Peter Davis, trained search-and-rescue dogs, arrived at the World Trade Center 15 minutes after South Tower collapsed and quickly began searching the rubble piles for survivors – earning themselves the Dickin Medal for their efforts. James Symington drove Trakr and Genelle Guzman across 15 hours from Nova Scotia, Canada, to Manhattan in aid

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What Does a Cheetah Eat?

Cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus) are among the most enthralling big cats of Africa. These elegant predators feature yellow or tan short coarse fur with solid black spots, small heads with high-set eyes, teardrop-shaped facial streaks and tear-like patches along their cheeks. Hunters in open savannah or grassland habitat hunt by day, using their incredible speed to

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Zebra Cool Facts

Zebras are one of the most majestic and breathtaking animals found in Africa. People have long been mesmerised by these gorgeous animals with stripes that continue to perplex minds! Researchers have recently discovered that the stripes on zebras can actually help confuse predators when running, by creating a motion dazzle effect and disorienting their vision!

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