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Spacecraft Heat Shield

Spacecraft that fly to planets with atmospheres require heat shields to reduce atmospheric drag and absorb any sudden increases in temperature during reentry. These shields also serve to abate any high heat peaks encountered upon reentry. Most spacecraft use refractory insulation as a protective measure. Perhaps most recognizable are the black tiles lining the bottom

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Spacecraft on Venus

Soviet Venera 15 and 16 spacecraft collaborated for 8 months on an eight month mission, during which they used their autofluorescing nephelometers to blast clouds with ultraviolet light and cause their droplets to fluoresce, creating a radar map of Venus. Each spacecraft released a lander equipped with color cameras and instruments such as autofluorescing nephelometers

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The Red Planet

Mars, one of the inner planets of our Solar System, is often known as “the Red Planet” due to its distinct red hue and iron oxide coating. With two natural satellites or moons named Deimos and Phobos as natural satellites or moons circling it. Also dubbed as “the Fourth Planet”, its axis of rotation tilts

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