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How Are the Moon Phases Caused?

The Moon goes through a cycle of phases each month that changes our view of it based on its position in relation to the Earth and […]

Which Satellite is Used For Weather Forecasting?

Weather satellites give meteorologists a wide range of data on the atmosphere that helps them improve forecasts. They monitor cloud temperature, air speed and moisture levels […]

What Are the Phases of the Moon Cycle?

When the moon cycles around the Earth every 29.5 days, we see a different portion of it illuminated from our line of sight. This is called […]

The Red Planet is Visible Tonight

Mars, the red planet, will be visible all night after it rises in the east just before sunset. It will appear brighter than most stars and […]

The Red Planet

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and the second smallest planet in the Solar System. It is often called the “Red Planet” because of […]

How Long Are the Moon Phases?

There are eight different phases the Moon goes through during its orbit around Earth, and an observer on Earth can see a different fraction of the […]

How Many Moon Phases Are There in a Month?

If you look at a calendar, you will see that there are a total of eight phases in one month. These are new moon, first quarter, […]

Weather UK Satellites

There are two main types of weather satellite – polar and geostationary. Both see the same part of the Earth every 12 hours and send back […]

Satellite Weather Patan Gujarat India

Patan weather varies significantly over the course of the year. Satellite data can provide valuable insights into local conditions, helping you plan your trip. The temperature, […]
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