Top 5 Fun Facts in Argentina

While football remains Argentina’s national pastime, a lesser-known game called pato has long been recognized as its official national sport. Pato combines elements of both polo and basketball on horseback to provide an exciting horseback-based competition that is truly unforgettable! Buenos Aires is world renowned for its sensuous tango dance, which first emerged from brothels …

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10 Facts About Volcanoes

Volcanoes provide us with incredible access to Earth’s living interior, but they can also be extremely dangerous. Temperature variations within magma can have an effect on how it erupts; for instance, lavas with greater silica content tend to erupt less explosively than their counterparts with lesser silica content. Scientists use seismometers and other monitoring instruments, …

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Fun Facts About Rivers

Rivers are one of the planet’s most fascinating geological features, creating landscapes, canyons, carrying people and goods through many countries (think Nile River to Ancient Egyptian civilization or Danube in Europe!) Rivers play an invaluable role in human civilization – look no further than ancient Egypt where river transport was vital to their economy! As …

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Fun Facts About the Savanna

Numerous animals found on savannas are plant eaters (herbivores), and get most of their sustenance from grazing various types of grasses. Gazelles and zebras specialize in eating lower grass while others, like giraffes, can reach high up in trees for leaves they need for nourishment. Animals of a savanna also employ strategies to evade predators. …

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Fun Honey Bee Facts

Bees are among the most fascinating creatures in our world, playing an essential role in maintaining ecological equilibrium. Their role has long been studied for scientific discovery and historical relevance. Female scout bees typically use their signature “waggle dance” to locate potential nest sites, and return with glowing reports on any that seem promising. The …

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