Fun Facts About Canada

Canada is one of the most stunning and welcoming nations on earth, boasting some incredible facts and achievements that make for fascinating reading. Did you know that Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh fame loved to cuddle up with a bear cub from Manitoba, or that poutine is the quintessential Quebecois dish? 1. The world’s […]

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Facts About the Rhino

Rhinos are second only to elephants as the largest land mammals on earth, weighing an estimated 5,00 pounds or more! These creatures feed on grass and plant material, producing 23 kg of dung daily that enriches soil while feeding insects! Rhinos are closely related to tapirs, horses and zebras and distantly related to extinct woolly

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Where Do Ladybugs Live?

Ladybugs are attracted to shrubs, trees, fields and gardens nearby homes that feature shrubbery or trees with fruiting bodies that attract ladybirds. Once there, they lay their eggs near aphids which serve as their food source. Ladybug spots serve a practical purpose; they alert potential predators that the beetle tastes bad and encourage them to

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The Apollo 11 Year

We sometimes forget that the Apollo 11 landing occurred during a time of rapid change and political upheaval in America – yet its lunar ambition galvanized an entire generation and took spaceflight to new heights. Michael Collins watched with pride as Armstrong and Aldrin descended the LM Eagle to the lunar surface despite many hurdles

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