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Artemis to Land on the Moon in 2022

Nations around the globe tailor their space exploration missions to reflect wider national interests, with France targeting scientific goals; Russia looking to further extend their global predominance; and China hoping to displace America as technological leader. NASA’s Artemis project follows suit; its inaugural launch, set for 2024, will send an uncrewed Orion capsule past the

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What Does a Sea Turtle Eat?

Sea turtles must dive to considerable depths in search of food, yet their bodies are designed so as not to trap harmful gases during descent. Diets of turtle species vary significantly. Hawksbills live in coral reef environments and are carnivorous eaters of sponges; green turtle hatchlings consume both sea grasses and algae for sustenance. Leatherbacks

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Spacecraft RV Price – Luxury on Wheels

Personalized designs and upgraded finishes come at a premium, costing more than mass-produced RVs. Space Craft makes custom trailers up to 57 feet long which require a semi-tractor truck for towing. West-central Missouri company RV Creations takes great pride in its “anything is possible” philosophy, meaning they’ll do everything possible within physics and regulations to

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