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What Are the 4 Types of Brain Waves?

There are four main types of brain waves, each associated with a different state of mind. These waves can influence everything from your mood to your […]

What Makes a Human Unique?

Humans have a unique way of thinking and are also very different from other animals. We are a species that has a large amount of knowledge […]

The Three Laws of Robotics

Way back in 1942, sci-fi writer Isaac Asimov devised a set of laws for robots. They are known as the Three Laws of Robotics and appear […]

How the Solar System Moves Through Space

The Solar System is a vast collection of celestial objects that orbit the Sun in a perpetual dance. It contains a star, eight planets, and a […]

Is Being Smart Genetics Or Environmental?

There is much debate over whether intelligence is more of a genetic or environmental trait. Intelligence definitely does run in families, but there are also environmental […]

How Long Humans Can Live

The answer to one of the world’s oldest research questions is still up for debate. Some scientists argue that the human lifespan is nearing a natural […]

Fake News by Media

The internet is a rich source of news and information, but not everything online is trustworthy. Fake news has become a major problem in recent years, […]

Can Solar Systems Exist Outside Galaxies?

A galaxy is a large, sprawling space system. It contains millions of stars, dust, interstellar gas, stellar remnants and dark matter all held together by gravity. […]

Astronomy and Space Exploration

Over the centuries, astronomers have learned about the structure of the solar system and its many planets and moons. These discoveries have opened new vistas of […]
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