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Where is the Moon Phase Today?

Every month, the Moon goes through a series of phases. Each one offers a different opportunity or energy to work with. Keeping track of the moon […]

How Often Does the Moon Phase Change?

The moon orbits Earth once every 29.5 days, and as it does so, the illuminated portion of its surface changes. This happens because of the moon’s […]

The Moon Phase Last Night (February 5th) Was a Waning Gibbous

When the moon is in a phase, it changes how we see it in the sky based on where it is and how it is illuminated […]

How Long Are the Moon Phases?

There are eight different phases the Moon goes through during its orbit around Earth, and an observer on Earth can see a different fraction of the […]

What Will the Moon Phase Be Tomorrow?

In an era where it’s easy to lose our connection to nature, the spiritual meaning of the moon phases can help us reconnect to the rhythms […]

Seeing Multiple Moons in the Sky in a Dream

Seeing Multiple Moons in the Sky in a Dream When you dream of seeing multiple moons in the sky, it symbolizes a period of time when […]

Understanding the Moon Phases

The Moon cycles through its phases, which are different ways the Moon looks from Earth over a month. Each of these stages is caused by the […]

What is This Bright Star Near the Moon Tonight?

What is This Bright Star Near the Moon Tonight? If you look up tonight, you may notice a very bright star close to the moon. But […]

What Is the Moon Phase Today?

As with any astrology chart, the answer to the question, “what is the moon phase today?” isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. In astronomy, the Moon’s […]
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