Star Planet


The Solar System Space

The solar system space contains the Sun and a vast array of orbiting objects including planets, moons, asteroids, comets, meteoroids, and interplanetary dust. These are bound […]

The Three Laws of Robots

Asimov’s Three Laws are a crucial code of behavior that fictional autonomous robots must obey as a condition for integration into human society. The laws were […]

Why the Mind Matters

The mind is a complex set of cognitive functions controlled by the brain. But it also has some unique features that make it unique from the […]

Seeing Planets in the Sky Dream

Seeing Planets in the Sky Dream Dreaming of planets is a sign that you are on a journey towards greater insight, knowledge, and wisdom. This can […]

What Planet is Hades?

In Greek mythology, Hades was the god of the underworld. He was a brother to Zeus, Poseidon, and Demeter. Despite his title as the god of […]

The Human Unique

The human unique is a term used to describe the characteristics that make humans different from other animals. These features include language, tools, culture and consciousness. […]

How to Give Thanks to the Universe and Manifest What You Desire

Thanking the universe is a simple and powerful practice that can help you open your heart to more good things in your life. It can also […]

5 Human Unique Traits That Make Us Different From Other Animals

A human’s ability to shape their environment, make tools and develop technology are some of the most distinctive features that separate us from other animals. Yet […]

Sun Wave Tattoo Meaning

A sun wave tattoo is a symbol of strength and light. It also represents rebirth and renewal, which is something we all need to thrive on […]
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