Star Planet


Solar System Amazing Space Adventure

The shiny third installment of the wonderfully illustrated Kids Books for Young Explorers series, this book is for anyone who loves reading playful poems, discovering cool […]

Ranking Best Selling Products on Amazon

If you’re an Amazon seller, you’ve probably heard of the Best Sellers Rank (BSR) metric. Despite its sometimes confusing nature, this metric is still a useful […]

What Rhymes With Galaxies?

1. The Sun The Sun is a luminous ball of hydrogen and helium, held together by its own gravity. It also has nuclear fusion reactions in […]

Our Solar System is a Very Special Place

Our Solar System is a collection of eight planets, millions of moons and innumerable small objects orbiting the Sun. These include dwarf planets and countless asteroids, […]

When’s the Next Quarter Moon?

A quarter moon is one of the four main lunar phases that you can observe, and it occurs between a new moon and a full moon. […]

What Are the 4 Types of Brain Waves?

The human brain is a complex system of billions of neurons that communicate through electrical pulses. These pulses can be measured in the EEG (electroencephalogram). The […]

Can Solar Systems Exist Outside Galaxies?

Galaxies are large collections of stars, stellar remnants, interstellar gas, dust, and dark matter bound together by gravity. They range in size from dwarf galaxies with […]

Astronomy and Space Exploration

Over the centuries, astronomers have learned about the structure of the solar system and its many planets and moons. These discoveries have opened new vistas of […]

Do Most Solar Systems Have Two Suns?

Most solar systems have only one sun, and this is because the Sun is just too massive to support life. However, it is possible for a […]
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