Can Mercury Cause Autism?

Thimerosal was used as a mercury-containing preservative in some vaccines until there were concerns that these vaccines may cause autism, prompting its removal from most children’s vaccinations by 2001. This study explored the relationship between copper, lead and mercury concentration in hair and nail samples from children with autism and controls. Results demonstrated no correlations. […]

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How Mercury Gets Into Water

Mercury released into the air from coal-fired power plants, burning household waste or mining ore deposits can reach soil and water resources where bacterial processes may transform it into organic mercury-methylmercury forms. Methylmercury travels up the food chain, poisoning fish and wildlife that humans then ingest as well as finding its way into our drinking

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How Earth Is Like Mercury

Like Mercury, rocky planets may undergo changes due to internal forces which push and pull at crustal material, creating landforms such as volcanoes, mountains, and canyons. These forces are known as tectonics and may contribute to landform formation such as volcanoes. Scientists have various hypotheses as to what caused Mercury’s scarred surface, one being its

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