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The Satellite of Weather

Weather satellites provide a wide variety of information to meteorologists, including images of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere. These measurements are crucial for weather forecasting and […]

A Closer Look at a Picture of Mars

This image from NASA’s Curiosity rover shows what appears to be a sandy floral-like formation on Mars. But planetary scientist Abigail Fraemant says it’s actually a […]

How Long After Sunset Is It Dark

If you love going stargazing, it’s important to know how long after sunset is it dark so that you can take advantage of the time. It’s […]

Weather Satellites Definition

Weather satellites are a type of Earth observation satellite that is used to monitor the weather on the planet. They are a great help to weather […]

A New Look at the Planet Mercury

A surprisingly detailed picture of Mercury is emerging thanks to NASA’s MESSENGER mission that spent four years in orbit about the Sun’s innermost planet. Its rocky […]

Weather Satellites Monitor the East Coast of the United States

Weather satellites monitor changes in the climate on a daily basis. They detect rain, cloud cover, snow, ice, sea state, ocean color, air pollution, city lights, […]

The Planet Mars Vs Earth

Mars is one of the smallest and driest planets in the solar system, with a year that’s almost twice as long as Earth’s. But it also […]

What Is Mars?

Mars is one of the most popular planets in science fiction and has inspired generations of writers. It is also the only planet on which scientists […]

Understanding the Moon Phases

The Moon cycles through its phases, which are different ways the Moon looks from Earth over a month. Each of these stages is caused by the […]
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